Waterproof Submersible LED Light

submersible led lights color changing

Waterproof Submersible LED Light operated by 3 x AAA batteries (not included, lasts 10-12 hours with qualified batteries), 16 different static modes, 4 dynamic color-changing modes. Submersible, battery operated, IR remote control, dimming, and ON/OFF.

IR controller

24 Key Infrared Remote Control Within 10m Range, 4 Dynamic Color-Changing Modes (Flash / Stroboscopic / Fading / Smoothing), 16 Different Static Polychromatic Diving Lamps.

led submersible lights

The Best Thing About this Home Accessory is that it’s IP68 Waterproof, Which Means that These RGB Lamps Work Well both Indoors and Outdoors and it Doesn’t Limit the Way You can use it. At the Bottom of a Vase, Fountain or Aquarium, Dive Led Lights are Perfect with any Underwater Accessory and you will be amazed at the Amazing Effect in the Water to Provide you with a Delicate Feeling. 4.5v Low Pressure and Low Heat, do not worry about Waterproof Lamp Overheating.

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 By Three AAA Batteries (Excluding Batteries), Will Last 10-12 Hours with Qualified Dry batteries, Easy to Replace when the Battery Runs out of Power the Battery can be Replaced and Recycled.

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