About LED submersible lights, what should you know?

Product Parameters

Size: 70(Dia)*30mm(H)
Material: PS
Function: Remote controller, waterproof
Battery: 3*AAA batteries, (not included),replaceable
Production process: injection mold
1.4 Sets/Blister Packaging+Paperboard+1 Controller
2. 1Set/Blister Packaging
3. 4Sets/Color Box ,90 Sets/Carton
4.3 Sets/Color Box,120 Sets/Carton


Our Products Advantages

Our LED Submersible flash Lights are powered by 3*AAA batteries which are replaceable and can last for 10-12 hours, besides that, they are easy to replace.

Production Process                         

GFLAI products choose “injection mold” process,  giving plastic products an integrate structure and precise size and tools, greatly improving the preservation and quality of the lights, because the casting system and molding parts contact with plastic parts directly,the changes of molding parts have happened with the plastic products, which require high-precision processing to finish, compared with the similar products of other companies, the quality, and purity of our products are guaranteed. At the same time, the position of LED submersible or the phenomenon of leakage of the LED lights can be avoided.


PS material, Rigid, Insulation, Good printing, and Other advantages. With the PS material, it’s suitable for product packaging and in long-term transportation. PS material reduces the damage of products in a transaction, you can receive our high-quality products integrally.



Waterproof, Infrared remote control, 16 light colors, 4 kinds of light modes and Adjustable light are the most unique functions and features of our LED submersible lights. The character of waterproof is a basic requirement of our product, due to the unique selection of manufacturing process, materials and IP rate, waterproof performance and quality of GFLAI are also at a high level. In addition, the submersible supports an infrared remote controller(<8 meters), which can be used for outdoor and indoor use. Also, you can change the color of LED lights and adjust submersible light just by simply press the button of the remote controller.
GFLAI LED submersible has 16 colors, 4 light flashing modes, self-matching color and change light mode (flash, slow flash, etc.), the light will give you an unforgettable visual experience.

Party/Event Illumination (flower arrangement, table settings, ice sculptures, crystal vases, etc.)
Holiday Accent Lighting (swimming pool, pond, ice bucket, fountain, waterfall, etc.) -Home Accent Lighting (indicator light, night light, novelty light)
No matter where the occasion is, the beauty of the special events enhances the luxury by decorating it with submersible LED lights. With the best light, you can make your party more appealing and enjoyable.

Submersible Led Lights Ip68

Customized LOGO
If you want to expand the influence of your brand, a customized logo is available.

Disadvantages of LED submersible Lights

These lights are tiny, and if you are looking for floodlights proper for your pool or garden, they are probably not suitable for the purpose – you will probably have to use a great number of these lights to achieve the sort of effect you want. Submersible LED lights are more suitable when it is used for decorative lighting purposes.
Because they are battery-powered, you have to take them out of the water, removing and replacing the batteries on a regular basis can be a bit of a hassle also. In the same way, it is normal if your lights don’t come with a remote controller – in that case, again, you will have to remove them from their containing vessel from time to time.


Now that we have explored the concept and advantages of submersible LED lights, it is time to use them in the practical occasion and take a look at some actual products on our Website: www.ledsubmersiblelights.com. GFLAI-Great for your life!